Geo-Naturpark Bergstraße-Odenwald

Discover Geology, nature man and culture in a fascinating territory

Experience the landscape

The delightful and historic landscape of the Geo-Nature Park covers an area of 3500 km² between Rhine, Bergstrasse, Odenwald, Main and Neckar. The region is characterised by over 500 million years of eventful geological history, a multi-facetted natural landscape, a thousand year old culture and last but not least by the traditional hospitality of the people, which attracts many visitors throughout the year.

The geological heritage

The unique rock sequence within the territory of the Geopark provides a record of more than 500 million years of the events in Earth history. This history is indicated in the motto of the Geopark: “Between Granite and Sandstone – Continents on the moveʼʼ”. In addition to the occurrence of a great variety of crystalline and sedimentary rocks, the region between the Rhine, Main and Neckar rivers also contains evidence of two major tectonic events. These are a former continental collision and the Upper Rhine Graben, a major rift in the European crust. Thus, this region presents a unique window into the Earthʼ`s history, and provides an insight into the dynamic processes of our planet. These processes, together with the geology, become comprehensible when we study the rock formations and relate these to landscape and agriculture. The geology influences the natural history and also determines the development of settlements, agriculture, economy and present day life. Thus it is directly connected with the environment, people and culture in the Geopark. This living dialogue between the past and the present can be discovered and experienced in the Geopark through a variety of geotouristic and educational activities.

Nature with the professionals

Do you remember the sense of soil? Do you enjoy the sublimity of the forest? Do you like to discover the fascinating stories, which rocks, plants and water tell about our landscape? Would you like to khow, where the little primeval horse comes from?
The Geo-Nature Park programme presents numerous opportunities for diving into history, enjoying tranquillity, discovering the landscape or the culinary delights each event designed to provide visitors with a special insight into the region. The Geopark rangers offer unforgettable tours of the landscape and family friendly nature, and environmental programmes under the motto “Nature with the professional” ideal prospects for relaxation and inspiration. The Geo-Nature Park information facilities provide visitors with helpful advice and suggestions for discovering the region. More than 30 Geopark trails have been created throughout the region for those seeking to explore the landscape on their own.

Regional culture and global partner

The Geo-Nature Park cooperates with many regional partners: the world heritage sites Lorsch and Messel Pit, the Felsenmeer in Lautertal or the caves in Buchen-Eberstadt. These highlights inspire the visitor to rediscover the region time and again. Regional identity is an important aspect for tourism, agriculture and gastronomy and can be perceived in the local kitchens and wine cellars. The UNESCO Global Geopark Bergstrasse-Odenwald is one of only 127 worldwide members of UNESCO´s International Geosciences and Geoparks - the highest award for a unique landscape and its multifaceted educational and touristic development.

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